Creative Consulting Helps You Build the Foundations of Success


Our Mission is to Assist Businesses and Projects That Contribute Positively to the Betterment of People and the Environment

Business Finance * Project Finance * Agricultural Finance

One of the biggest challenges for any business is to obtain the necessary capital to expand and succeed

In today’s environment even fundamentally sound businesses can have difficulty securing needed financing

Our strategic funding process and network of private financiers can provide the make or break difference between success and failure for your business

Real Estate Finance * Aquisition of Plant & Equipment

We work with top level boutique financing partners who offer

Bridge Financing * Mezzanine Financing * Private Money

   SBA Loans * Debt * Equity

Creative Problem Solving Customized for Your Business

Strategic Planning + Strategic Finance

Many early stage businesses hit the ground running with great ideas and then get swept into the current of day to day operations, often leading to numerous inefficiencies and missed opportunities.   

We help you refine your business plan to maximize efficiency, increase cash flow, reduce risk, and multiply the return you receive on your most precious resource – your time!

Create a clear plan and implement the action steps necessary to achieve your goals.

No Game Plan = No game

Identify Key Sales Channels & Work Efficiently

Sales Consulting

With over 25 years of direct experience as the lead sales person in a diverse array of industries; I am uniquely qualified to help you develop and improve your sales channels, marketing strategy and revenue generation.   

Working within the constraints of your operational reality, I help you craft an effective sales plan that will yield tangible results.  

your time is your most valuable asset

Effective Websites Stay on Point & Drive Sales

Website Design and Web Presence Management

Effective Web Presence is a pre-requisite for success in many industries.  Many businesses overspend on ineffective websites, advertising campaigns and online marketing platforms that yield little return for the time and money invested.  

I help you design the right web strategy for your business that enables it to grow and thrive by balancing the expected return on web presence upgrades with the proposed project budget.  

Our large network of partners in all areas of web design, development, and marketing allows us the flexibility to scale your project over time according to the needs of your business.