About Hawaii Business Consulting

Scott Silverston  - Founder of Hawaii Business Consulting

Scott Silverston - Founder of Hawaii Business Consulting

3 Essential Elements of True Success

Good Faith * Intregrity * people first

Integrity: Believing in what we do; from top to bottom, inside and out.

Good Faith: Acting in accordance with our commitments and being proactive about finding mutually agreeable solutions to the unexpected. 

People First: Being truly interested in the well-being of others and how our actions effect those around us.

I founded Hawaii Business Consulting to help people fulfill their creative, entrepreneurial visions and to maximize the use of my unique skill set for contributing to the well-being of others by providing sound, ethical advice.    I enjoy helping people turn their dreams into reality with creative, effective solutions rooted in real world experience.

I was fortunate to begin my career in an industry where the major players valued good faith behavior and where the nature of the business required that verbal agreements were honored.  In order to gain acceptance, credibility and trust; our comapny performed with good faith regardless of changes in circumstance.  It was a strong and valuable lesson in my early twenties that I have carried with me throughout my career.

Today, I work with a broad network of professionals in multiple industries who share my commitment to integrity and good faith.

Whether your need is strategic planning, sales consultation, financing, web development, coaching or more; Hawaii Business Consulting is committed to providing you with high quality advice, services and contacts that will help your business make the jump to the next level.  

A Note of Gratitude

I am deeply grateful to my father, Sheldon Silverston, who taught me business and entrepreneurship from a very young age.  In addition to being highly successful and well regarded by his peers in trade finance; my father taught me to see the humanity in each individual by demonstrating real care and concern for their welfare; valuable lessons that have served me well both in business and in life.

Thank you!